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        Company employees as the company 's most important asset , attaches great importance to improving the overall treatment of employees from the soft and hard environment. Soft Environment : The Company established a scientific and reasonable job promotion system, good institutional measures salary growth mechanism and staff training programs :
         ▲ ensure that employees utilized, can make the best use , promotion channel and smooth ;
            ▲ ensure that employees with job -level salary growth and regular growth , competitive wages ;
            ▲ ensure to provide more training opportunities for learning , knowledge and skills of employees and improve the overall quality ;
            ▲ ensure a comfortable and harmonious working atmosphere , so that talent has to play a growing platform.
            ▲ hard environment : the company continued to increase investment to improve the working and living conditions of employees :
            ▲ garden-like factory environment , clean money cafeteria workers and hotel -style apartments ;
            ▲ room is equipped with air conditioning , digital television , 24-hour solar hot water , free bed and bedding and other household items ;
            ▲ equipped with a reading room, chess room, gym , table tennis, basketball courts , corporate culture corridor , training rooms and other facilities places. Allow employees a chance to have a good mental and physical recreation environment.
        The company implemented a single break , eight hours a day working system , employees overtime pay overtime wages required monthly payment of wages in full and on time . The company also set up a number of human welfare, such as:
         ▲ actively prevent occupational injuries , protect the personal safety of employees ;
            ▲ actively organized medical staff , vaccination ;
            ▲ generous year-end bonuses.
        Companies really do care for employees, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, promote the harmonious development of labor relations .
        We sincerely welcome all kinds of talents ! Come here " days of His Career " ; Come here, " hero useless " ; Come here will achieve your ideals and values ​​!